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Interested in earning a passive income through renting out your Budapest apartment?

We can create for you the best conditions for a more profitable and safer investment. You can save precious time and administration costs with our real estate management service, and your valuable investment will be in safe hands with us.

If you bought real estate in Budapest for investment purposes…

you live abroad or don’t have the time to take care of the day-to-day management of the real estate…

and also if your main concern is for the rent to be paid on time, but you would leave it to someone else to handle the professional management and reliable supervision of the apartment

– we will take complete care of your real estate, from the selection of the tenants down to ensuring that your rent is paid on time, for an optimally profitable use of your Budapest apartment.

Our management services will spare headaches for landlords and also the tenants, who will stay longer due to their satisfaction.

You will only have one of the multitude of tasks associated with renting out your apartment: to acknowledge with satisfaction your well-earned income in your bank account.


For the apartment to be presented in its best light, we prepare professional photographs and descriptions, also providing you with expert advice on the most attractive presentation of your real estate.

Based on our thorough knowledge of the entire market, we will determine the best price for you, so you’ll be sure to find a tenant without having to rent out your Budapest apartment below its real value.

We’ll advertise your real estate on the most popular online and offline portals from Hungary and abroad, and present the apartment to potential tenants according to the time schedule set by you. We also carefully select the tenants for the safety of your investment and will prepare the tenancy agreement for your apartment.


Our legal specialists prepare easily understood and mutually beneficial contracts for the involved parties, for which we also provide official translations into foreign languages. Bridging communication gaps through our linguistic expertise, we clarify all relevant questions down to the last details and find optimal solutions for any special situation that needs to be addressed.

We also organize for you the signing of the contract in a comfortable and stylish milieu, even in the absence of any of the contracting parties, on the basis of legal power of attorney .

Moving in/out

Our experts will prepare a protocol about the hand-over of the apartment and take care of the official English (or other language) translation. On this occasion, we also register the state of the apartment and its furniture, which we carefully inventory, on professional photographs.

This hand-over protocol for the rented apartment offers safety for both parties and supports their mutual trust, while also being a part of the rental contract. As such, it will serve as mutually accessible evidence for you and your tenant, thus precluding any possible dispute concerning the apartment.

Rent collection

To find a trustworthy tenant from whom one can collect the rent on schedule is the most important desire and expectation of any owner related to the renting out of the apartment. Sounds easy, and it should normally also be easy, but the best choice for your safety and convenience is to rely on the help of our staff who deal with rent collection on a regular basis and professionally, in an elegant and accurate manner.

Our employees continuously keep track of payments, and immediately take action in case of any problems, ensuring that the rent is paid on time throughout the entire rental period.

Overseeing the payment of the utilities

You don’t have to keep constant contact with the common condominium representative and the companies supplying public utilities, for we will also take over from you this time-consuming communication and management task. We’ll not only accurately calculate the amount to be paid, but also regularly check the monthly balance and carry out all tasks related to the payment of the utilities.

One of the most sensitive issues, the reliable payment of the utilities can be easily taken care of through our management services.

Communication with the tenants

In case of any arising issues and in order to guarantee smooth cooperation, it is important for the possibility of communicating with your tenant to always be available to you – but without either of the parties unnecessarily disturbing the other.

The most efficient solution is to employ the services of an intermediary who keeps an eye on the state of the apartment and also precludes any misunderstandings and discomfort. Feel free to leave us the task of contacting the tenant and discussing any possible issues diplomatically.


The continuous maintenance of the real estate is a common interest and one of the main concerns of both the tenant and the landlord. Having a knowledgeable repairmen who comes on time increases the satisfaction and long-term loyalty of your tenant.

We will always notify you in advance about the due operations of this permanent maintenance service, precluding any unpleasant situations for you and your tenant – among which, first and foremost, the possibility of encountering a run-down apartment at the end of the renting period.

We provide this service to you and your tenant through our long-time specialist partners, offering the most complex management service for your satisfaction.


Cost-efficiency is a common goal we have with you, the apartment owner. For this purpose, we’ll also help you in optimally renovating your real estate under the most beneficial financial conditions.

Due to our professional experience of more than a decade, we can recommend options guaranteeing both your tenant’s satisfaction and a rapid return on investment. Our secret? We’ve been cooperating with our reliable partners for many years, and this enables us to offer not only profitable prices but also high-quality workmanship.

We provide this service in cooperation with our long-term specialist partners, in order to cover any type of service you might need.


Once the tenancy agreement has expired, you can immediately put your apartment back to use again, since our reliable partners offering cleaning services will bring back your real estate into its most attractive shape.

If you have so agreed with your tenant, and you are willing to satisfy this request included in the rent price, we can also offer you regular weekly or monthly cleaning services, provided by our stable, long-time partners, under the most favorable conditions.

Legal advice

We provide complete transparency and legality for our clients throughout the entire renting or selling process of their real estate.

Our lawyer partners will represent your interests in collaboration with the specialists of the other fields covered by our services, supporting the work of our real estate agents and managers in the spirit of mutually beneficial, “win-win” type solutions and with a view to avoiding all possible conflicts.

Our intermediation service in legal matters is aimed at covering all potential blank areas within the high-quality assistance provided to our clients, so we can offer you the most complex real estate management on the market.


The need to issue invoices about the payment of the rent may arise not only if you have a company as a tenant but also in other cases.

We can help you both in this regard and with other important details related to accounting. You can leave it to us to issue the bill for your tenant, and we will make sure that all conditions related to the renting out of your property are in full compliance with the legal and contractual provisions.
Our accountant partners, whose services will be available to you at favourable prices through our intermediation services, will ensure that the rental relationship meets all legal criteria also from the perspective of financial regulations.


We help you to chose the best insurance in order your property will be safe. We compare the offers of the insurance companys and we help you to chose the most suitable for your property. We sign contract with the chosen company and we track your payment in every year so your contract will be continous


“Dear Tamás, thank you for your work and successful sales. The move is in full steam and we are looking forward to spending money on our new home! It’s been an incredible time since we called and I feel like we made the best decision when we approached you because we managed to sell at fair value and move on. “
Zsófi és Tibor


“As you know, I’ve been dealing with renting a home for a long time, and so far I’ve only been more annoyed than helpful. I can only write good experiences about you because they dealt with the transaction fairly, they do everything in the monthly administration, and after searching, I found a decent and serious sub-tenant. ”
Madarászné Ágnes


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